Dr Attia - Approach to human longevity


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Just posted this on DJ -forum, but guess you guys might be interested too:

Dr Peter Attia speaks about longevity and health, very deep and analytic, engineered presentation. I found this interesting:


1h15min - pls be prepared

Some insights on presentation:

Health =
- mind (cognitive)
* executive function
* processing speed
* short term memory
- body
* maintenance of muscle mass
* functional movement, especially hip hinge
* freedom from pain
- distress tolerance
- sense of purpose, social support

Tactics = What To Do

The most important 4 items:

1. Nutrition
- carbs so that avg glucose level stays "low" and std deviation minimized
- protein just barely positive balance, not too much, not too low
- fat: just balance

2. Exercise Physiology
- strength training quite heavy, heavy hip hinge compound movements (Note! If you don't like training - do only this!)
- interval/aerobic training (if you like)

3. Sleep Phys.

4. Teqhniques for distress tolerance

Additional items (just mentioned no deep insight)

(5) Endocrine System
(6) Supplements
(7) Drugs
(8) Harmful behavior


Everything is "simple" and makes sense. I was positively surprised he highlighted relatively heavy resistance training with compound hip hinge movements (Sq, Dl etc). He even stated "if you don't like training, at least do this!" which I think is clever idea. "Then if you have time and interest, you may perform some aerobic stuff..." Traditionally aerobic / cardiovascular training was recommended first and foremost. I'm glad to see this change.


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I will have to give this a listen. Love his new podcast, it is an absolute treasure trove of health information. Thanks for the share!

Anna C

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This was a really fascinating talk. Thanks for the share!
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