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Discussion in 'Barbell' started by Martin Svoboda, Nov 16, 2018.

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    I'm 33y old I have 70kg. I had some pause from training after knee injury.

    My knee is ok now, but feel pain when trying GU.

    I do martial arts 2 times a week + one time a week boxing pads/heavy bag work.

    We usually don't workout at training but roughly one time a month we test max reps of push ups or sit ups.

    I used to practice easy progression of pistols and oapu (GTG) and two times a week 100 two-handed swings with 24kg/32kg in S&S way.

    My goal is still oapu and pistol but I needed some change so I've started with this program:

    3 times a week easy strength: Bench, Deadlift, pull ups and some neck bridges

    Is better follow this routine for some times and hit some goals like 2x bodyweight deadlift or switching this and NW after two weeks and go for both goals "slower"

    What can I do for conditioning within easy strength program? Is Jumping rope ok?

    Thanks ...
  2. vegpedlr

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    Most people who try ES in a more formal way do the 40 day program. Do the workout 4-5 days per week until you 40. Many people have found they get what they need around workout 21, so opt for a shorter cycle. In the book, the idea is that ES is a spectrum that can be used in many different ways and adapted to different people. Part of that is that it is meant as a way for athletes of other sports to get stronger without interfering with sport specific training. So you could add whatever conditioning you like, as long as you can recover from it all. In my experience, ES does not interfere with endurance training or aerobic development.
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    My NW work has been put on the back burner as my snatch and bent press volume increases. Lately I GTG two days per week, one high volume and one lower. I'm still making progress with NW, and not much slower to be honest. So maybe try the barbell stuff and chip away at NW as recovery allows.
  4. Martin Svoboda

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    Thanks for hints guys!
    40 day program looks pretty good but I have access to gym 3 times a week at this moment.
  5. vegpedlr

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    Three times per week for ES is fine. I find four days is the sweet spot. At 3xwk, you might want to slightly increase the volume or intensity of each session compared to regular ES, or do something else on the non gym days.
  6. Martin Svoboda

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    I will follow it for some time and then post results ...

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