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    You ladies and gentlemen that have practiced Easy Strength, how long were your rest periods between sets? At my advancing years, I like short brief sessions, but at the same time I don't want to turn my session into a conditioning workout. I'm finding that after I barely put the bar down, I'm reaching for it again. :)
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    I’ve wondered about this as well. I try to do it all by feel, but since it is “easy” I fear I might rush it. So I pay attention to how I feel on subsequent sets. If it’s getting harder, then I know I should rest longer. Like with load, knowing I have to come back the next day helps me settle into the right weight. I’ve found high frequency training means you can always fix it the next day. I also sometimes alternate between exercises, or throw in a stretch or some band pulls etc in between.
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    Short Sessions

    As Vince Gironda, one of the best bodybuilding coaches, said, "You can train hard or long but not both."

    Shorter training session are more effective for Limit Strength, Power and Speed Training. They enable you to maintain better technique.

    Once fatigue sets in, your technique falls apart, your Limit Strength, Power and Speed drop.

    Cluster Set

    An effective Power Training Method is Cluster Sets. Cluster Sets are essentially a form of High Intensity Interval Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Resistance Interval., HIIRT).

    Mini rest periods (15 - 45 seconds) are taken between each repetition or set of repetitions (1 - 5 repetition) with moderate load in a movement (48 - 62% in standard strength exercises and 70 - 80% in Olympic movement).

    Short rest period allow for greater power output with each repetition or cluster of repetition, allowing ATP restoration needed for dynamic work.

    Each repetition is performed explosively which elevates heart rate. The mini rest period between repetition or sets of cluster increase heart rate and maintain it for a while.

    A rest period of approximately 3 minutes follows the Custer Set Exercise before it is repeated. Thus, this method is the resistance training version of High Intensity Interval Training, the resistance version of HIIT.

    The Paradox

    The irony is that this type of high intensity training promotes anaerobic and aerobic capacity; you get a 2 for 1 effect. Other types of training only produce one or the other, individually.

    The Load Is Too Light

    The fact that you are reaching for the bar immediately after putting it down indicates the load you are using is too light.

    The weight should be heavy enough so that once you have completed a work set, you don't want to pick the bar up until you recovered, which bring us to...


    "...I pay attention to how I feel on subsequent sets. If it’s getting harder, then I know I should rest longer."

    This is...


    One of the keys increasing Limit Strength, Power and Speed is recovery. It allows greater force production.

    Kenny Croxdale
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    @mrdave100, be sure to rest "enough." If you feel ready to lift again, taking an extra minute won't hurt.

    If you're ready to lift again as soon as you put the bar down, maybe you need to put a bit more weight on the bar. It's "easy" strength, not "light." :)

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    Like a lot of things, it depends. If it feels way too easy, add some weight. If you are tired or sore the next session, drop a bit. And it de on which version you are following, the original 40 day plan, DJ’s modified version, etc.

    I typically rested 2-3 minutes between sets. I’d often superset the push and pull with maybe one minute between to save time on my lunch hour, when I typically would finish the 4 or 5 movements in half an hour.
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    Thanks for all the helpful replies everyone!

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