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Barbell Easy Strength Warm up Sets?

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Hello all friends in strength! Forgive if this question has been answered on this forum. I am new to forums and still figuring out how to search for answers. I have decided to undertake the Easy Strength/ 40 Day challenge. After reading the book and DJ's articles many times I still don't understand the place/necessity for warm up sets aside from the general warm up guidelines. As a 54 y.o. lifter, jumping straight into working sets--especially as weights start to get "heavy" seems like a recipe for injury. More so for the barbell movements ie deadlift, squats and presses. However it would seem if I went with the traditional method of barbell warm up of multiple sets that would extend the overall work out length. I want to commit to 4-5 days a week but need to keep w.o. length to 30 minutes or less. My exercise selection will be TB DL, BB Incline Press, Chin up, Swings, Plank
Thanks for any response and guidance!
My warm-up for ES sessions has been three rounds of 10-15 swings, 5 goblet squats, and 1 half TGU on each side. I'm 62 and it has worked just fine for me.
The ES weights are, if I recall how DJ describes them, like your second or third warm up set on a traditional program. When I did ES I would do a few swings, then a set with just the bar, then go right to my working weight.
My first movement of ES program is 6 moderate weight TGU's alternating sides. Seems to do the job. Prior to that I just do Scott Sonnen's Intu-Flow for joint mobility and warm up and then some overhead (with PVC pipe) air squats. I'm 69 years old and been doing ES in some form or other for about 4 months, just switching up the movements occasionally. Only issue is if I bump up the weight too much and get enough DOMS the next day to need a "rest" day.
My understanding is if you need warm up sets, it’s not Easy Strength. More like a regular program. I thought the idea was you could walk up to the bar any time, in street clothes and do a set. Warm ups are of a general nature like swings, goblets, mobility, etc.

In practice, I’ve found that lifting 4-5x a week shows through trial and error the correct weight for the higher frequency. You learn to hold back when you know you have to come back the next, and the next.
I think you're going to have a hard time getting all those exercises done in 30 minutes or less. I recommend warm-up sets to be light and for low reps. Example from my ES session this morning: 135 x 2 - 195 x 2 - 220 x 2, 3, 2, 3. That took me about 25 minutes...
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