Eliud Kipchoge ran a 1 hour and 59min marathon

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well thats impressive, Im not a runner and the idea of a marathon makes kinda nauseous but this is just impressive. the example of how fast he ran for the time.

Denny Phillips

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It's certainly understandable that there must be rules and that are sound reasons for establishing those rules, although the record might have been secondary in terms of his goal.

Roughly 4:35 per mile and just over 13 mph? Wow...


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Full credit to the guy for awesomeness but when you see the environment created specifically for this effort I was reminded of the difference between an equipped and unequipped lift. No competition marathon in history has ever been run like that. Mind you perhaps the psychology has now changed from will we ever to when we do and that can make all the difference

The Greatest, Fakest World Record
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Pretty amazing for sure...


This has happened many times in athletic (and other) history. One just has to show that it can be done, then the records start to fall.

It was once thought that climbing an 8,000m peak (like Everest) was impossible. And once that had been accomplished, it was thought to be impossible without the use of supplemental O2. Most climbers today consider the use of O2 cheating. (Although the hoards of Tourist 'climbers' use it all the time)

The sub 2 marathon has been a holy grail for decades. I wager it won't be too many years until we see an official record in a race.

Norville Barnes

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Impressive for sure, but much like a gym PR in that conditions were perfect and there was no competition other than himself.

It was not a race, therefore not eligible for the world record designation.

I concur, now that it has been shown to be possible it may be achieved again in the near future.


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When track surfaces changed, records were obliterated. The marathon is the only Olympic run not done on the track, but open roads, which makes for slower times. So changing the conditions shows that yes, humans CAN run that fast.



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Amazing feat. I couldn't care less if it qualifies as a world record. As others have said, all it takes is one to prove it can be done. What a historical moment in athleticism and human achievement.
I don't know much about him personally, but interviews I've seen make him seem like a very humble person.
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