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Medium Day
5(1,2) 24kg Clean and Press
5(1,2) Various Chin Ups

  • Threw in some fat gripz chin ups when comfortable, they're tougher than I imagined so I'm taking it easy.
5 minutes 24kg Medium Effort Swing


  • Bell is feeling like a toy recently. I'm getting stronger for sure.
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You guys interested in physical achievements of ancients/middle ages might like book called
Manthropology by P. McAllister. Bit of tongue in cheek but interesting and funny read anyway.


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Variety Day
5(1) 32kg Turkish GetUps
3 minutes rest between sets

Started greasing the groove with the Guide captains of crush gripper. Will continue until noted otherwise.



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Heavy Day
1(1,2,3,4) 24kg Clean and Press
Supersetted With
1(1,2,3,4) Chin Up
4(1 2,3)

8 minute Hard Effort 24kg Swings

  • I'll be honest, didn't go too hard on these. Was far too wiped from a long day of work and almost maxing with the ladders.


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Light Day
1(1,2) 24kg Military Press
4(1) 24kg Military Press
1(1,2) Chin Up
4(1) Chin Up

10 minute 24kg Snatch
1L/1R each Minute


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Still GtG with the grippers but I've changed to a calisthenics routine. I'm spending an inordinate time away from home as of late.


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4 x 3 Pop Off
2 x 5 Pushup
8 minute Rolling Sit Up Practice
2 x 5 Hanging Knee Raise
3 x 5 Fingertip Pushup
3 x 15 sec Towel Hang
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