Question End S&S workout with push-ups?


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I would say yes! Maybe alternate with pullups i.e. one day pushups the next pullups and so on
This is exactly what I do. (Or if I'm pressed for time, neither.) I don't think a couple of not-to-failure sets of pushups or pullups is too much for me.

I guess there's always the straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to overtraining or lack of recovery time, but I don't I'm there.


I don't know that I'm improving my pullups or pushups with just a couple of sets a few times a week. I consider it more maintenance. However, I know my one-rep max weighted pullup from right before I started S&S. I'll test after I hit Simple and see. Look for the results in the Success thread in a few months. ;)

Of course, I won't know for sure if any improvement will have come from S&S or from the actual pullups I've done - but my suspicion is if there's any effect it will come from S&S. I've done pullups for years and have been stalled at ~12 reps for a while.


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Can I add at the end of the S & S training a pump, press or pull exercise?
As Steve Friedes explained to me once, S&S and anything else Strong First has created is to educate you in how to lift certain kinds of weights in certain ways. It is an education, like teaching someone how to play certain pieces of music as part of a university music programme, including the theory of what makes the music pleasing, how to make the notes sound good, keep in time and tune etc. After you learn this stuff, you can go off and learn other things or play your instrument any way you like since you have learned HOW to play it. The same with kettlebells and other exercises - once you learn how to use them and you have built up some strength with them, you'll be able to and even might have to expand and change your routines!

Like what have I done with S&S - at least for the time being changed the 1h swings to heavier 2h swings, added on some 1h swings though also above the 100 with 2h hands, do very light getups often with 5 presses at the top, reduced the goblet squats to bodyweight squats. We're all different and have different needs and goals. As long as I'm looking and feeling fit and strong, and I am judo-strong, I'm happy.


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Here is another suggestion: every day as a morning ritual or evening routine or whatever time of day routine, do the number of your age in pushup and cossack squats(both legs).
E.g. if you are 30, do 30pushups and 15 cossack squats per leg daily.
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