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My question is about endurance (fitness level) training for team sport, specifically 3x3 basketball.
In short about sport, 3x3 basketball is played on one basket, three players vs three players with one substitution, with only 12 sec for offence, for total of 10 min. You must be able to defend against much bigger guys, 20-40 kg , and 20 cm higher and is very demanding like rugby7. It seems like you are always running somewhere to fight :).

I think conditioning is my weak spot, but my volume of running is big so I am doing something wrong.

I would like to ask you if You can help me with this issue, and prepare for me some good conditioning program to follow (Please if You have experience in athlete preparation and conditioning join this conversation). I am no trainer , just someone who wants to change his weak points into strong one (but does not have the knowledge).
Of course I will pay if the price is not to high for me. Sure you need more information about me, my history, goals, sport etc. but for now I think there is no reason to go in details.



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"The Quick and the Dead" by Pavel should be a great fit. I think the science behind it fits the bill. But it is for more advanced trainees.

So, what is your experience with strength training in general and kettlebell training in particular?

Something that could work: Kettlebell ballistics (swing or snatch) in sets of 5-10 reps with enough rest to focus on maximal explosiveness, again and again (2-4x per week) + very easy aerobic endurance training + some "glycolitic" peaking 2-3 weeks before tournaments or so.

Sprint repeats could also work: very short sprints + plenty of rest.
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