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    An EDC will always vary in function of the environment and needs. For instance, South-African man's EDC may be different from a Switzerland banker...

    This topic is very documented on survival / prepping forums because even in specialized website there is no "absolute rule"

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  2. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    If anyone would like to post pictures of their edc, try using imgur and linking it on here!
  3. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    The city is all about situational awareness, the wilderness is too, but in a different way.

    Matt Hill (systema guy) has a great PDF on basic self defense, and most of it is things like staying in well lit areas, walking on the side of the road against the traffic so cars cant come up from behind..

    Borderline paranoia, but the USA is undoubtedly a dangerous place to call home for many of us, unfortunately.
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    Situational awareness is everything. I no longer conceal carry a handgun, but I did for over a decade, every day. It definitely spurred me to improve my situational awareness, something that has stayed with me.

    You don't always see trouble coming, but most of the time you can.

    OC is good stuff, I make the wife carry it and often have some on me as well depending where I'm going. Could make an escape a lot easier and greatly improve your odds of not going to crime scene B from crime scene A. But now we getting off topic....
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    My edc is a wallet and a watch (and begrudgingly a cellphone)

    No open, concealed, or improvised weapons, and I would not ever wish or even consider to live in a world where I’d think a weapon a necessity or something useful to have
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    Unlike @Anna C I am pretty minimalist. One purse. And not a heck of a lot in it other than a daytimer, wallet, keys, pen/paper, the odd cosmetic, a small pocketknife.

    Now everyday carry at work is another thing (I'm an RN). ...I wish fanny packs were back in vogue. Tape, scissors, cheat sheets with my info/vital signs 'cause ya never can chart right away, stethescope, saline syringes, etc. My pockets get triple checked before anything is washed. Beats my homecare bag I carried in and out of the car over my shoulder all day though...that topped out at 18lb with things I may need in the middle of nowhere....
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    Every time I leave the house: Phone, keys, wallet

    In my rucksack: Phone charger, earphones, earplugs, chapstick, beard comb, reading glasses, book, Leatherman multitool (if I'm going to work), water bottle, chewing gum (sometimes), re-useable shopping bag, plastic spoon, diary, pen, re-useable cable ties, Sharpie.

    If I'm going to the gym, add a combination padlock, a change of t-shirt, a pair of shorts and gym shoes to the above.

    The closest thing I have to any kind of weapon would be the Leatherman, I suppose, but really my mains means of self-defence are situational awareness and running away: I can't imagine any situation in which attempting to locate and ready the fairly short and flimsy knife blade would be more sensible than just getting the hell out of whatever situation I was in.
  8. Jak Nieuwenhuis

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    Perhaps the biggest (most overarching) thing they teach you in school as an EMT or paramedic is situational awareness. You literally start every training simulation by saying "BSI scene safe".. BSI means to take proper contact precautions, things like gloves, goggles, gowns, etc. .. Scene safe meaning no signs of danger/ possible danger for you, your partner, or the patient. Folks in ems are very cautious of just about everything . ..

    Did not mean to turn this thread into one about situational awareness .. Though it does tie in with many people's edc, especially concerning weapons and weather items .
  9. North Coast Miller

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    I crunched out the USA numbers a bunch of years back, when crime rates were higher than they are today (when I made decision to CC, my city pop 200,000 was averaging a shooting every day and a fatality just over 1/week), it looked like the "statistically average" person could live about four 80 year lifetimes and never face a physical crime serious enough to be reported - just to keep things in perspective.

    The odds obviously go way up or down depending where you live, your occupation, where you chose to recreate, but the news and society in general definitely overblow the risk most of us face.
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    2276DEBF-5EA9-4CAC-9E3F-34CB3255C91E.jpeg E8B576ED-40DB-4776-B117-1F6B83E977B1.jpeg Past life edc was 2 knives small & shiv concealed in a small wooden batton. Knuckle duster. Occasionally a larger club with rope for the wrist. Cash
    Current life edc is clothes on my back a pair of double pluggers & keycard, keys.
    I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way.
    Kept some of my favourite old tools though, not sure why maybe as a reminder to never go back or a bit of just incase paranoia.
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  11. Dave0317

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    Glock 19 in a Comptac MTAC, concealed.
    Kershaw/Emerson CQC knife

    For guys looking for a good knife, the Emerson CQC is your answer. 3-3.75 inch blade is plenty. Definitely would keep it under 4. The CQC opens as fast or faster than any automatic knife, but is legal in most places where an auto would prohibited. The “wave” feature on the back of the knife is genius.

    Like others have said, probably never need most of the defensive stuff. But I ask myself how I would feel if something happened to my family that I have the skills and tools to prevent or stop, but I chose to believe “it won’t happen to me” or “that kind of stuff doesn’t happen here”.
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    Wallet, keys, earphones and phone for me. The phone also serves as a flashlight and a map, especially handy when traveling. Normally I would not bring my charger or a power bank unless I'm away for days.
  13. TravisS

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    wallet, phone, chapstick, pocketknife.

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