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Off-Topic Experiences w/ PUSH band 2.0

Tobias K.

Level 4 Valued Member
I recently read the available SF articles on using the PUSH band 2.0 in combination with SF exercises.
It looks quite intriguing. I'm doing S&S for timeless simple and would like to "transition" to Strong Endurance / Q&D ~ mid next year.
Because of where I live right now I have the possibility to buy a PUSH band for a favorable price (exchange rate USD-EUR) especially with Black Friday coming up (yes, I know...).
As the PUSH band is still quite expensive, I'm wondering if it is worth the investment for an average athlete like myself. I would be interested to hear some opinions from the SF community especially regarding own experiences and the practicability - so for example: Do I have to switch the band from one arm to the other when doing one arm swings?
I like the minimalistic approach with the KB in S&S or what I read about Q&D - but I'm not so sure if tracking velocity and power has so many advantages that it justifies the high price and the additional effort while training.

Thanks in advance!
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