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Swinging 48 kg 500 times is astounding.  Thanks for sharing that.  That inspires me to set higher goals for myself.  I will aspire to swing 32 kg 300 times by the end of the year, Which would be quite a bit of progress.  Guys like you setting such high standards helps guys like me to put goals into perspective.

Mark Limbaga

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As based from my "intervention" conversations with a student of mine: "If you build a good base through ding quality park bench workouts, you can pull off bus bench workouts when needed"

Dan John

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Exactly. I felt, at my prime, like I was only three weeks for my best effort. (Caveat: I "thought" that. I was convinced of it. It lacked truthiness, but I believed it). So, you do a lot of swings, some Pull Ups and Presses and keep your squat pattern. Then, something or someone gets you to ramp up for a while and you discover you are fine.

Mark, literally, that "is it." Your insight is perfect.


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Well Dan, you've inspired me again.  Decided two weeks ago to try and add some swings every day after my regular workout.   Up to doing between 150-300 swings a day, 5 days a week.

My training this summer is for a trail run half marathon in early fall and for long hikes in the mountains.  So far I have noticed that I have put on 5 pounds, but my pants are looser at the same time.  Generally have issues with tight glutes and hips and they have all but disappeared.
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