Farmer's carries/Suitcase walks

Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by ruslan, Sep 21, 2019.

  1. ruslan

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    Do any of you incorporate using kettlebells for farmer's walks or suitcase carries? If so, typically what weight do you use (two handed or single handed) and do you generally do these outside your workouts or in-between sets to keep your heart rate elevated? Thank you.
  2. JW513

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    I do, i only have a a 70lbs, 55lbs and a 35lbs one. So I mostly do the 70 and 55 pounders, but then use the 35lbs one for bottoms up carries.
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  3. Shawn90

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    I've done C&P's and Farmer walks for a while before my holiday. For Farmer walks I eventually had to chain up 2 bells together to progress further. For health reasons I kept the weight about even, but the bells were, of course, of uneven size.

    Wouldn't incorporate them in-between sets of any other exercise. That's just plain wasteful.
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  4. rkoo

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    I use them as finishers after main session mostly.
    Typically do farmers with 40+48 kg but sometimes more or less and carry variations.
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  5. q.Hung

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    i spend one day for farmer walk as a main dish. 15 minutes without calculate the length. weight use is 33 + 33, or 33+ 36.
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  6. HUNTER1313

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    After my S&S training and with whatever bells I am currently using
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  7. Anna C

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    Loaded carries are a great exercise that can completely run the spectrum from "lifting" to "cardio".

    On the "lifting" end, I might do a short 10 or 15 second carry of 36+36kg. Feels very similar to a set of barbell deadlifts.

    On the "cardio" end, I might do an 12-minute continuous carry "Cook drill". Gray Cook on Loaded Carries for SF Done with 16kg, it feels somewhat like hiking with a 35 lb backpack (rucking).

    Somewhere in the middle, as @Al Ciampa programmed for me in SFG Prep program: 4 carries of 90 seconds, "heavy". Whatever heavy is (however heavy you can carry for 90 seconds). Rest about 2 minutes between carries.

    I think that last one may be the most generally useful, but it's really hard to point to exactly what it's improving, because there are so many general effects -- stability, core strength, grip endurance, posture, probably some challenge to energy systems... If you do it regularly (as he had me doing it twice a week, at the end of the session), you will see an improvement in how much you can carry for those 4 x 90 seconds. It's like eating your vegetables... Good for you :) Although Al's term is, "farmer's carries for dessert" (i.e., at the end of the session). They do make a good cool-down.
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  8. FinlayB

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    I love farmer walks

    I use them quite often in a few different ways. Usually at the end of a workout as the technical demands are lower than many other exercises, and after farmer walk you may not be fit for any else.

    Medium for distance - at least 3 times up and down my little gym, but push for more for sets.

    Heavy for a fixed distance. At least 1/2 bw weight each hand.

    For fun I do challenges with my friends who come to practice with me.

    Generally this involves some form of loaded carry with added exercises.

    For example... hug 2x20kg plates do 5 squats and walk up the gym and back for 5 times without putting the weight down. Keeping form tight
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  9. Hasbro

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    I don’t incorporate them into any kind of structured workout per say but I keep various weights next to my recliner and when a commercial comes on I get up and do either farmers walks, suitcase carries, or overhead carry for a minute or two. For farmers walks I use 2 16kg (it’s the only weight I have two of), for suitcase carries I use a 24kg (that’s the heaviest I’ve got) and for single overhead carry I use a 20kg. I started doing this when all the reports came out talking about how bad sitting was to your health and that it was the new smoking. I gave up smoking many years ago but sitting...well that’s a tough one.
  10. jef

    jef I am a student of strength. Certified Instructor

    When I am on a project and travelling the whole week, I do farmer carry 4 times per week.
    Once to get the bells in the car, once to get them to the hotel room. And again in reverse order at the end of the week.
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