Fatbell/with kettlebell attachment!


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They are a bit weird. I suppose they're a curious hybrid for someone who wants to incorporate ballistic movements while keeping the feel of using dumbbells.

They're also cool if you want to have a totally lethal 'one hit kills' boxing match by fighting with a fatbell in each hand but I suppose that would be irresponsible.

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I will admit that when I first saw fat bells, I got a "jack of all; master of none" but I will say I am curiuos. not enough to jump onboard and shell out the cash.


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I suggested to him that he should make the attachable handles in different size diameters.

I think that would be cool for people who want more grip involvement (2/2.5") or those with smaller hands (1/1.25").

He even said it was a good idea so I will accept royalties when/if he does it.

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