Favorite breakfasts?

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Ryan T

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Share some of your favorite or go-to breakfasts. Be as detailed or basic as you want.

Eggs and potatoes

Carbs: ~27 g
Protein: ~21 g
Fat: ~24 g
Total kcal: 408

You can easily manipulate the amounts to get more or less of any macro by upping the eggs or potatoes or whatever.

Time: 7-8 minutes

1. 3 eggs cooked in a bit of butter. Yolks need to be runny (this is important). I like to cook the eggs basted (notes below).
2. Half cup of precooked potatoes; leftovers are good. I had "baby" yukon golds on hand. Left them whole on the grill. Skin gets a little bit crispy and the insides were creamy. Alternately, you could also cook some frozen hash the traditional way.

Cook the eggs. Heat the potatoes up in the microwave. Combine in a bowl. Make sure to chop it all up and mix together. Add 4-5 dashes of Frank's Red Hot sauce.

Basted eggs: Whole eggs are cracked into a med-low heat skillet and covered with a lid (glass is important). The egss are done once the yolks develop a whitish color on the top. Lightly rake the white around one of the eggs to make sure they're set. I like this because the eggs are fairly soft and depending on the heat you can get the eggs over-easy and the whites are fully cooked.

Augustus F-N

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1 cup oats
2 cups water
Zap in microwave
One table spoon of peanut butter (as much as I can get onto the spoon) mixed into the porridge. Nice an gooey.

Then two boiled eggs, cooked whilst I eat the porridge.
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