Favorite Squat/Bench Press Variants

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I understand that accomodating resistance can be used to make the resistance bigger throughout the range of motion, but is this really desirable?
I think it is, because I only lift twice per week and only one of those sessions is heavy. For the same effect without the bands, I would have to do more reps or partial lifts which would be at it's own cost. One wouldn't have to go heavy either but a more linear resistance curve of a lift seems valuable to me. I don't get any DOMS or experience poor sleep or any other symptoms from it either. Toddler crawling into my bed is the only sleep reducer in my life ROFL


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So a reverse band squat with more weight on the bar than one could free squat for a Max effort lift wouldn't fall under supramaximal?

A load that is more than you can push/pull up in the a concentric contraction is SupraMaximal.

If you load the load the bar with a load that is heavier than you can push/pull up, "a reversed band squat with more weight on the bar than" you can get up with, that is a SupraMaximal load.

Eccentric Accommodating Resistance Exercises

That means you are end up performing an Eccentric Accommodating Resistance Movement. You can lower the weight but you cannot get up with it.

This is a good training method. It allows you to Eccentrically Overload the muscles in the movement throughout a greater range of the movement.

SupraMaximal Eccentric Accommodating Resistance Strength Training

I've used this method for Eccentric Strength Training, as follows.

1) Attached Band from the base of a Power Rack or from the top (Reverse Band Loading).

2) Then SupraMaximally Eccentric Overload the bar by hanging...

Powerlifting Weight Releasers

On a Squat, I've loaded my Weight Releasers up with an additional 100 to 150 lbs.

3) Adjust the Weight Releasers to fall off at a certain height. Doing so, allows you to then get up with a much lighter Squat (100 - 150 lbs lighter)

Eccentric Strength

SupraMaximal Eccentric Strength is around 120% of your Concentric Max. I can provide a great research paper on this, if needed.

That means if the most weight that you can push up in a Squat is 300 lbs., you should be able to lower up to 360 lbs in an Eccentric Squat. However, as the saying goes, "Mileage may vary".

Eccentric Strength Misinformation

For some reason, many individual have been lead to believe that your SupraMaximal Strength can be as high as 150% of your Concentric Contration, which isn't true.

If that were true, that would mean a lifter who could get up with a 300 lb Concentric Squat would be able to perform a SupraMaiximal Eccentric Squat with 450 lbs., which is incorrect.

The only benefit of anyone who's Max Squatting is 300 lbs, who perform a 450 lb SupraMaximal Eccentric Squat, is that in the bottom full Squat position, they will be able to kiss your own butt goodbye.

"Go Fund" Philippe Band Page

Let me know if you do this. I'll definitely donate.

Kenny Croxdale
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loading the squat heavier at the top; for what?
PAP, Post Activation Potentition

The heavier loading at the top, followed by the lower loading at the bottom increase force production via PAP.

That is one of "For what's" and whys.

I don't buy them being necessary or something one should use most of the time.
Accommodating Resistance Training

Every one of my training day program involve the use of Accommodating Resistance in at least one exercise.

Varying the loading via the weight or band/chain tension allows you to work different part of the Speed and Power Complex.

It allows you to selective increase or decrease tension in your sticking point area.

Accommodating Resistance engages the proprioceptors and the stabilizer muscles.

Bungees and D-Rings

I have a unique Bungee and D-Ring System for my Bench Press and Power Rack.

The Bungees are essentially like bands. However, they come in different thicknesses and lengths, varying the resistance.

The the D-Rings attached to the bar, with a high, medium and low setting. By clipping the bungee higher, more resistance occurs. By attaching the bungee lower, less resistance occurs.

The bungee is attached to the D-Ring with a carabiner. It allows you to increase or decrease the resistance quickly.

I purchased mine form Strength Cats/Mike Berry years ago. Mike passed away about 10 years ago.


You can purchase them any where in different sizes and strengths.

Daisy chain loops for pulling, chins, lifts - IronMind-www.ironmind-store.com

If you want a D-Ring set up, I recommend the IronMind Daisy Chains.

I use them as well as the Strength Cats' D-Rings.

Black Diamond 18mm Nylon Daisy Chain | REI Co-op

You can also purchase Daisy Chain at places like REI. Look in the section devoted to climbers.

Kenny Croxdale
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Front squat. For me, it improves everything.

What is this bench press of which you speak? This may sound odd but I've found that heavy push presses help my bench press without even bench pressing.

Steve Freides

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Front squat. For me, it improves everything.
Combine a front squat with a standing overhead press and you’ll have a solid, minimalist barbell program. You could also use one or two kettlebells instead of the bar and still have a solid, minimalist program.

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