Kettlebell Feel like things are clicking again


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I’ve been running Q&D snatches for the past few weeks to try and get better at snatches, but they’ve just never felt comfortable.
I started a new 12 week cycle today, and decided to take a break from the snatches, and go back to the basics, S&S. After today’s session, everything clicked for me. I think I was trying way too hard.

I remember the chapter, “The secret of hard style laziness”. I had a theory that the insight from this chapter would be the antidote. So, I decided to start re reading simple and sinister.
Today, I tried to just focus. I didn’t have a clock to look at, or a certain amount of time to finish by. I had one thing in mindpull back a bit. It’s hard to learn the snatch in intense 30 second intervals.

By slowing down, I was able to think more clearly.
I noticed my brain was never so active during a session, and all my flaws reveled themselves.
I noticed I fell out of touch with my hinge pattern, my lats weren’t engaged, my grip was way too tight, but mainly I felt so loose. I felt like I was going so slow, and I felt like I had no power in my swings. I didn’t think much of it, put my phone up real quick, and recorded a set. As I observed it afterward, the bell was coming up to my chest. I was developing plenty of power, even though it didn’t look or feel like it.
My get ups have never felt so good either, I finally was conscious of what packing the shoulder, and engaging the lats felt and I felt like I was so efficient and smooth in my transitions.

To bring things full circle, at the end of my workout, I just picked up the 16kg bell real quick, and thought, let me emulate that same combination of hard and laziness, and see how these snatches feel. Guess what, like butter, I actually felt like I knew what I was doing for once.
So, I’m going to run S&S for a little while now, maybe even a whole 12 week cycle.
I guarantee when I get back to practicing snatches, they’ll feel natural, but for now I gotta hammer the basics again.
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