Bodyweight Fighter Pull Up - some clarifications


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Hi everyone,
I'm on day 3 of the Fighter Pull Up program and have some questions:

- I'm doing the 5 rep max program. I'm adding in double the amount of push-ups straight after the pullups. Is that advisable?

- I know you need to take at least 10 mins "rest" between sets. Can I skip for 10 mins or does it really need to be complete rest?




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Welcome to SF...
How about a little more about you? Age, training history, injury history, and most importantly training goals...

There is another current thread that is discussing rest.
My view is 3-5 minutes. I personally do 3.

10 minutes and you are gonna be there all day...


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@Mike G
Welcome to SF

+1 to @offwidth regarding his questions.

To yours :
If you are talking about supersets, it may be hard to follow the program using its daily programming. If you go for supersets, I'd do on alternate days.

3 to 5 minutes, as mentionned by @offwidth would be my option.

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Hi guys,
Thanks for the responses!

I'm 48, no persistent injuries, did a lot of boxing training until around 2 years ago, so coming back after a long lay off.

Training goals are just good general functional fitness.

I've only done the fighter workout for 3 days so far. I'm doing the pull-up/push-up supersets, then 10 mins of skipping, then resting for a minute before the next set.

So far it's been ok, but I imagine as the reps increase it's going to get more difficult and I may split out to alternate days.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Best regards,
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