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Bodyweight Fighter Pullup Program

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I sort of split my time between Denver and Tucson.

I prefer to climb outdoors, but when I do gym climb in Denver, its usually at DBC or Movement


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I don't want to start new topic, so let me ask some questions about program.
I passed through 1 full cycle from 6RM to 11RM, but I'm stuck on 12RM even with 30+ minutes rest between sets.
I have two goals:
1. 25 RM
2. To do 105 tactical pull ups less than 7 minutes including rest between sets (somehow like 25+23+21+19+17).
The question is how to overcome the plateau at 12RM?
Any thoughts?

Hello, friend. My advice: Hit it very hard for a long time.

When I began two years ago, I could only do 8 - 10 at a time. I decided that once per week, I would do as many as I could in a day. I did the same thing with push-ups, 3 days after my pull-up day.

I didn't do each set to failure, but it was close. At first, I could do maybe 80-90 pull ups in a day. Now, I'm doing sets of 30. I can do 800 pull-ups in a day. (My sets will go, 6 sets of 30, 3 of 25, 6 of 20, etc etc). Push-ups, I can do 1,000 in a day, but usually I try to cut it off at around 700. 5 sets of 60, 10 sets of 40, then the rest are 30s.

I'm not athletic (though I am beginning to look pretty solid). 5'9", 170lbs. I work at a desk, too.

I'm just getting into Pavel though, because I want to do 1-arm push ups and pull-ups, and I can BARELY do 1 pull up with each arm right now. I'd like to do 10 or 20 of them with each arm, and I'll bet in two more years, I can.

Mine was an unorthodox approach apparently, but it worked, and I didn't mind jumping up (or down) every 2o minutes to do a set.


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Oh - and from Naked Warrior, I'm learning that what I developed was "endurance strength", NOT pure strength.

For example, I have no idea how much I could bench, but I'll bet it's not much. I also used a 20lb weight vest for 60 days, to help me get from 20 to 30 reps.

BUT MY BIGGEST LESSON with increasing rep counts was this: it was 99% mental. I'd hit 15 and just CRASH. Then I'd have a day where I was irritated and said "screw it", and I'd do 18. Suddenly, I could do 5 sets of 18. Then 20. Then 22. Then 25.

From 25, I said "f--- it" and went straight to 30. It felt like I just unlocked a door - it really was 99% mental.

Kyle Kowalczuk

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1. For maintenance I would suggest at least 2 days of pull ups throughout the week. Totaling 30 total pull ups a session split however you want.

2. I would retest if you take and break and program off that new result. Usually programs are written based on test results within the last 3 months or so.

Andrew Soderstrom

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I started doing a variation of this program a few weeks ago. Something to the effect of

12, 10, 8, 6, 4
12, 10, 8, 6, 6...

I am not doing the program 6days/week as I have some elbow stuff going on and am monitoring the prehab for that a bit. I have currently completed the "14, 12, 10, 10, 8" day. It only seems to be a little harder than the first go around, which is cool. I am taking about 3min between sets right now, but not monitoring the rest too closely and I am sure that will begin to dialate when the volume increases. Really looking forward to getting to a set of 30 pull ups, but am planning on running the program out and not maxing until the fall. In the past the biggest volume day I completed was 3 even sets of 16 right before a TSC a while back. That was good enough to get me to 22-24 reps on the TSC. The last workout had a total of 54 reps, so the volume is already a little higher.

Does anyone else find the second set of the same reps to be the worst part of it? I know it is purely mental, and its not much more than a mild annoyance, but the mind frame of not getting a 2 rep break seems to mess with my head a bit.
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