Figuring out % for weighted bodyweight

how to Calculate percentages with weighted bodyweight

  • (Bodyweight+added Load) x 85%

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  • Added Load x 85%

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  • Figure out rep 6rm = aprox 85%

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Maine-ah KB

Level 6 Valued Member
Hi all
So how do you figure out % with weighted bodyweight? for example 1rm for me is bodyweight +28kg (113kg)
would 85% be (113kg x 85%)=96kg OR is it better to go from the added weight? 28kg x 85%=24kg
lastly is using % of 1rm for bodyweight a flawed though and I should instead figure out my rep max at a given load?
Thanks All

s f

Level 5 Valued Member
Your 1 RM= 113kg(85 +28)
85% of 113 kg=96kg

96kg-85kg(your bodyweight)=11kg

11kg is your 85% weight
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