Finally, a reason to like Black Friday.


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I couldn't resist and bought it. Seems very much like ETK, from what I remember. Good overview of what it's all about, though don't expect fancy programming as it seems focused on the basics.


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It's on Amazon in ebook and audiobook form. Sounds like hardcopy is getting released Friday.


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Alright I could not hold the kindle edition.

NOTE for STRONGFIRST ADMIN- There are some strange little boxes littered in the kindle version with the letters obj inside of them. Maybe from the layout software. Anyway minor distraction in the greatness of the work..



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Just in time for me to play with... since I hurt my shoulder on MMM and went back to the PM until it gets better. TGUs don't bother it as long as I use my off hand to help get the bell into position.


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The only difference between a professional and a amateur is that the professional can run the basics on demand under extreme stress. I think we spend way to much time looking for the next holy grail when it is right in front of us. I have it, read it, and applied it already.

Norville Barnes

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Bought the Kindle edition, no problems with download or format.

It seems like a bit more "hardcore" PM.  Now back to reading.


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Congrats to those who grab their chance to snag a first look at the book through Kindle.

Simple and Sinister is awesome, and I know everyone will love it as much as we do.

We've closed the Kindle window for now, but for those of you who missed the chance to grab it, don't despair, we have a special offer for the book's launch date this Friday.


Jason Ginsberg

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Mark, I was one of the ones who snagged it yesterday (lucky me), already read it, and think it's an excellent product; I think this will really be game changing for a lot of people.

I didn't have any of the issues with the kindle version that others mentioned, but one suggestion I would make is to hypeflink the table of contents. As it is now, getting to any particular page require paging through the entire book to get there, and this is the sort of book where, after you've read it, you want to flip around a lot, reread sections, look things up, etc.

I realize this might seem a niggling point, but I just thought as a kindle user I'd mention it, since I'm looking forward to purchasing many more publications from StrongFirst and this was the only flaw i could find. Content is absolutely stellar.

Jim Lauerman

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I second Jason's comments regarding the hyperlink of the Table of Contents and the excellence of the material.

My "Foundation of Strength" DVD arrived today as well. A lot to digest.



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First, thank you for the kind words. We wanted our first book to reflect StrongFirst's return to basics and it sounds like we hit the target.

Next, thank you for the suggestion on hyperlinking the TOC, we will make that a priority on the next book.

The best part of this job is being able to have the luxury of taking feedback from everyone and putting it to practical use.

When the Kindle book goes live again on Friday, if you would, please leave a review. I think Simple and Sinister offers so much, from someone new to kettlebell training to someone experienced, but looking for a better understanding of Pavel's principles.

A year ago, Nikki told me she wished we had a resource to hand someone who asked, "Where do I start?" I think Simple and Sinister and the Foundation DVD are reasonable answers to that question.

By the way, as good as the Kindle is, seeing the book in print is something else.




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With all due respect, please make hyperlinking the TOC of this book a priority. It casts a small but unfortunately not negligible shadow on the superb content.

Hoping for a quick update,



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My kindle is collecting dust somewhere and I know for reference books I'd much rather have a print edition.

Mark, will there be a print edition coming out this Friday?
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