Finally, a reason to like Black Friday.


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We tested it for the last few days and the links were working.

We're on with Amazon and will get this corrected. you will receive notification when the fix is done and you can update your book.




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Dave and Martin,

Just did a download on two Kindles, a Fire and a cheaper base model, both functioned with the hyperlinks.

We'll place a call to Amazon, shoot me an email at and let me know what models you have so I can talk to their tech people.



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I have the kindle app for Windows 8, near the pictures there is text [OBJ]

or where there is a paragraph break ******** [OBJ] [OBJ] [OBJ] [OBJ]


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@Goldar  Mine did that on my Kindle web app on a Win 7 PC. Now on my iPhone and Mac it works fine on the kindle app. See if you can re-download/synch it.




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thanks for checking into this!  I am using the kindle app on an iPad air. I also tried the  Kindle  online web app.  Both did not show hyperlinks.

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Could it be an issue specific to the Mac? I use the Kindle app on my desktop and my Android phone and haven't seen the issues with the book on either. Testing my tablet once it's charged.


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I bought the Kindle version of S&S on Wednesday.  I really like the emphasis on power and strength.  I don't know if this is a refinement or evolution of the original ETK, or if I am just now starting to understand Pavel.  But, gradually, I think I am starting to understand Pavel and Strong First.  I think anybody, from youngster to geezer, would profit from S&S.


BTW, the TOC is hyperlinked.


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Hi, not to confuse everyone further, but the hyperlinks work well on both my IPad and Mac Kindle apps.  Given that the hyperlinks were added after release, you might try to delete the book and re-download it from the cloud.  That should pull the latest version if it has been changed or your app could need updating.


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I got in touch with amazon support and they updated the content from their end and then it worked.

Craig Fern

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I loaded the book on both the ipad and iphone and the hyperlinks did not work after removing and downloading it several times.

I called amazon support as Martin stated above and they fixed the problem from their end in less than a minute and I now have the TOC hyperlinks  on both devices.


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Hello Mark, I downloaded the Kindle version from Amazon UK a few days ago.  The hyperlinks work fine on my PC (being something of a middle-aged, minimalist Luddite, I don't own any other paraphernalia for reading the book).

I love the book.  It's been a timely reminder of why I've embraced the kettlebell and divorced myself from the 'fitness suite'.  I'd say that it's a user manual covering Hardstyle fundamentals for 'responsible adults'.  Having said that, I imagine that the user has to be on the OCD end of the spectrum rather than on the ADD :)

On immediate reading, Pavel's joke about the ditch digging soldiers enabled something to 'click' with my swing technique.  For me, it was a brilliant coaching cue and reinforced a hard lesson an SFG instructor introduced me to a few weeks ago.  Every detail counts in the book, it needs to be read and absorbed.

By the way, I think that Laree Draper should be thanked for the excellent editing.

I'll post a review on Amazon UK in a day or two.



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Thank you for the update and help.



Without a doubt, Laree made this project a winner. She's a good friend and a true professional.


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Great content in this book, I really like the direction this company is headed in! It came out at a perfect time  for me because I was just starting to stall with the PM! My question is, if it takes longer than specified to complete the specified number of get ups without rest between reps, can I progress, or should I keep my get ups under the specified time?


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When I read it I took it as do 5 get ups per arm with the bell you are using. When you are ready to progress to the next bell it would be when you can do 10x10 swings in 5 minutes and 5 getups per arm in 10 minutes or less.

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