Finally achieved a couple goals!


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I've been working out a long time, of course my goal as the beginning was to look like a greek god. That never happened, even though I thought I knew what I wanted, I didn't know what I wanted or had to go there. My actual workouts haven't changed that much, but my program has. I've had a few injuries and mental setbacks, I never stopped working out, when I was real stressed, it made it hard to progress. My numbers should be huge for someone working out as consistently as I have for 7 years now, but that doesn't bother me. I'm in better shape and stronger than most people I know... I'm not the strongest or fastest in the gym, but i do have a huge work capacity, and I am more proud of that than anything.

But I started grip training a few months back, and I've always wanted to do finger tip pushups and back of the wrist pushups.. I don't care to crank out the reps with them, but was I was stretching my wrists the other day, I figured I would try them and I could do them. I was so excited and proud, I tried showing my brother and all he could say was "no one cares, and no one likes a bragger"... It felt good to actually have a goal and achieve it.. I never set goals in the past or programmed my routines... But I have been, and it's only motivating me more. Next, its one arm push ups, handstand pushups, closing a 2.5 COC by the end of the year and shouldering a 200lbs sandbag.

Never give up, even if you are going through tough times, work out still even if it is a walk or 5 minute yoga video.. If you are hurt, find something that doesn't hurt and do that until you are better, but never stop.

Also, less alcohol. I still like having a couple beers after work, but anything more can slow you down... Although I've had some pretty impressive hangover workouts.
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