Firas Zahabi on the Joe Rogan podcast

Discussion in 'Other' started by sizzlefuzz, Jun 20, 2018.

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    Excellent podcast with Firas Zahabi (coach of Georges St-Pierre). In the course of the podcast, they talk a fair amount about strength and conditioning as well as fight training and the threads of "easy strength" are pressed throughout. The ending is a little pedantic with weird philosophy talk & I was wishing that Joe could have called Neil DeGrasse Tyson to set things straight.
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    Here is the part where they talk about Pavel Tsatsouline:

    I feel like Firas tried to explain what most of the books are about as simple as possible, but in doing so oversimplified it to the point where nobody will take it seriously. If I didn't know better, I would probably think that Pavel teaches to do all your training at half max of your rate of perceived exertion. That is true for GTG, but not most of what Pavel teaches. Definitely not most of what StrongFirst teaches. You don't kill yourself in the gym, like Crossfitters do, that's for sure, but you still have your heavy days with most programs. I just feel like Firas went too far in that direction and that's why the concept is so difficult for Joe to believe.
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    @IonRod i don't know if i necessarily agree. I thought he did well discussing volume over intensity, tapering for competition, not chasing the burn.
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    That second clip was really good. Consistency over intensity was made clear. The mention of RPE could be confusing, but he left it behind and emphasized that he talking about a true max.

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