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Thought I'd pass on my thoughts about fitbit......

I had a fitbit charge bought for me as a gift and have had it for a couple of years. There have been threads about the accuracy of fitbits for heart rate and exercise with the overall feeling than optical devices are a bit rubbish compared to chest straps. I use mine to monitor resting heart rate which is pretty accurate, sleep timing I'm not sure of but find it interesting looking at my sleep bar codes. A watch is handy.
Anyway a couple of weeks ago it packed in. I did the step by step resets and phaffed about with no success. I wrote them a stroppy email complaining that it should be good for more than 2 years of use. Despite it being out of warranty blah-de-blah do they have any suggestions etc. I had generic corporate gobbledygook reply with yet more instructions to reset it and it didn't work AND to my utter surprise they offered a replacement! Off I went to order one and they were out of stock so they upgraded me to a shiney new charge 2 at no further cost.
So my new shiney thing arrived yesterday and it's the best heart rate monitor on the market, haha!
No quibbles. Excellent customer services that I thought worthy of a mention and a round of applause.
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