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    Hi Everyone,

    Since left leg surgery last year I've lost a lot of hip mobility and I'm ready to start regaining it. I checked out RIS from the library... but sadly it doesn't have a "simple and sinister" set of stretches. I never did PNF. I tried loaded stretching before but not for long enough to notice anything. At times I've done lots of hot yoga and that's the best thing I've ever found for mobility before now. Sadly, I don't have 2 hours a day for that...

    What would be a good minimum for these goals:

    1. comfortable half lotus onot both sides. On my right it's easy and I used to be able to do full lotus. On the left I can barely cross my leg at dinner—the knee is pointed up. Or for example I can't get my legs straight in left firelog.
    2. Deeper frogging.
    3. Active side splits. I might go to Joshua Tree next year and I'd like to climb a boulder called "Streetcar Named Desire" which is easier the more you can do the splits because the good footholds get increasing far apart before you must jump...

    Thank you.
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  2. offwidth

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    Check out Flexible Steel. Especially the Tactical Frog portion.

    JT has some great problems...
    Stem Gem, Pig Pen, and White Rastafarian come to mind.
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  4. Shahaf Levin

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    My personal favorite "mobility" PM is OS resets (breathing, head nods, rolling, rocking and crawling)
    "mobility" since OS resets patterns are biased towards stability.

    The Flexible Steel tactical frog mentioned by @offwidth is also a good option with more mobility bias.
  5. Abdul-Rasheed

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    This thread may be of interest to you.
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  6. strongDad

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    Wow! That's exactly what I wondered about.

    Seems that I'll have to put something together that makes sense for me personally.
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    I would suggest OS rocking on hands and knees. Gently!

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