Flexible Steel and StrongFirst Announce Partnership

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@Steve Freides , this sounds like great news! I think it would be great putting together a good program following SF and FS principles, do you see this happening any time soon? For instance, 2xBW deadlift + splits, or something similar.

Its amazing how beatifully these instructors move and look. They seem to me like the most perfectly balanced, functional bodies. Something in the line of SF + FS is going to be my long term goal (not sure which though, I still have a long way to go).

Steve Freides

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Oscar, you know that I'm one of those instructors, yes? As is @Pavel Macek. He and I co-led the one-day instructor cert in Prague in July of 2016. (You can see me briefly in the first video in the blog around the middle of it, scooting across the floor.)

Let's organize a Flexible Steel 1-day instructor workshop in South America. (I think we've been in Brazil already but I'd have to check.)



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@Steve Freides yes I know, so that compliment goes to both of you as well :)

A workshop here in Buenos Aires would be great... we are 14 million souls down here who deserve proper strength coaching.

Also, if you are coming half way aroung the world, a SF Kettlebell course would be great too.

(BTW, Steve, I´m getting the error below when accessing the link in the original post, maybe you want to check it

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I really like that :)

@Steve Freides
This is probably too soon to ask, but will there be double certs in the future? For example instead of Fri-Sun the event is going to be from Thu-Sun and at the end you'll go home with a SFG1 and a FS1 cert.
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