Flexing scapulae on Get Up


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I have recently found some nice back/lat activation by pulling my scapulae together and down on the High Bridge of the Get Up, and I feel a lot more stability in the high bridge when doing so.

Does anyone else do this, or have I just missed an obvious cue on this one before now? I never used to feel it in my lats/scapulae before this, and I like it a lot. It's a bit like squeezing your hands toward each other on Push Ups to increase pec activation.

I haven't moved up in weight, I think I was just fixing some shoulder stability issues with the 16k, and found it contributes to stability a lot, and feels good over all.


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Different positions of the getup will find different positions of the scapulae beneficial. I think at the elbow and high bridge, retraction can help with staying tight and stable. As the arms go overhead, make sure not to lock them down in retraction. They naturally should slide out along the ribs (while the shoulders still stay packed down toward the waist). I learned the hard way that total retraction all the time is not good, although in certain positions it is good! I think it will strengthen the upper back to combat bad posture. It's always great to find that little adjustment that seems to allow strength to channel through :)
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