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Interesting stuff, although quantum physics doesn't have to do with conscious vs submind. Metaphysics, not quantum physics.


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Cool - thanks. Like I said I'm just a student. Like I said I have CP - along with a host of other things - Alport's Syndrome that causing me to go deaf and blind, asthma... Basically a genetic bundle of crap :)

Through Metaphysics is where I learned you have to have the poetical before you have the actual, which answers the question that the egg comes before the chicken.

My formal education is in finance. Everything I talk about here is self taught. It is just where my journey has taken me.

Bottom line - we are not governed by our genetics. Its just a blueprint. How our mind reads it is the key.


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One last thing. I've talked about mind, body and soul. We've discussed mind and body, so here's something about the soul. In quantum physics the number one determining factor for an outcome is referred to as "the field" - kind of like a magnet will determine the out come of metal shavings if you sprinkle them over it. You can't see the field, but its there.

In my world we call this the Holy Spirit or God. Call it whatever works for you, but it is still there. :)
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