Free Soloing


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Alex is special, for sure. The word Phenom comes to mind.

However... 'There are bold climbers, there are old climbers, but there are no bold, old climbers'

And just to clarify the title here. What Alex does that gets him a lot of press is Free Soloing. It is a different animal than Free Climbing.


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Alex Honnold and Tommy Caldwell just broke the record for climbing the Nose on El Cap (again)

1hr 58min!

First ascent took 48days spread over 2 years
First single day ascent was in 1979

3,500' 31 pitches


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I just heard a podcast (even an old **** like me knows what these are) with these two. They broke the record because they are good and because they practiced. But they freely admitted that they didn't really 'train' for it. They reckoned that if they had actually trained that there maybe is another 12 or 13 minutes to be had.
For those who are not climbers this lacks context and perspective, but it's a pretty big deal.
Almost as big a deal as when Alex soloed Freerider.


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Nice... Will you PM or post here the Podcast info? My son is out at Yosemite working there for a 2nd year. Still climbing. He works at the big hotel there in the valley and has seen and talked to Alex Honnold a few times. I think he said he saw Tommy Caldwell also. The climbing culture there is so cool...
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