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Hi all,

Does anyone have any recommendations, Amazon or elsewhere, for a freestanding pull up station for use at home in the back yard? One that is reliable and sturdy, suitable for outdoor use and (hopefully) not too expensive!

For construction reasons, wall-mounted and door-mounted are both out of the question sadly.

Thanks in advance.

Norville Barnes

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I have one from Trapeze Rigging. It’s aluminum, takes down easily and is sturdy enough.

Edit- link deleted per post below.
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Unfortunately Trapeze Rigging does not appear to be in business any more -- or at least I wasn't able to buy anything through that website last month when I was shopping for a new freestanding bar. Too bad -- I had previously purchased a couple bars from them and they were not too expensive and sturdy enough for strict pull-ups (but probably a bit wobbly for muscle-ups, kipping, etc.)

This time I ended up getting the BodyWeight Master, which is more expensive and much heavier and sturdier, and has some interesting configurations. You can order it through Amazon but it ships from DD. It's made in China, in case that's an important consideration for you.
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