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Hello all, I am hoping I am in the right place, apologies if I am not. I am a 40 year old male who has not done any real training of any kind for a very long time , up to about ten years ago my old hobbies tended to keep me fit enough. Since then I have done practically nothing and have stacked on the weight. Enough is enough, and I need to bite the bullet and get something done yesterday. A martial artist friend has recommended to jump into kettle bell training as an easy to start solution and work my way up from there. I am 6ft , and unfortunately a tad under 120kgs . Have found a few bits and pieces on the internet but the one thing I am completely uncertain of, is what size bells I should be aiming for to begin. Over the next week I will purchase a few bits and pieces to enable me to train daily at home. At this stage I am looking at purely a basics set up, and I will expand as I go. I would be extremely grateful if I can get pushed in the right direction with bell size, what I can get away with for the first month until I expand. I would also obviously be thankful with any valuable info or links that can help me get started and heading in the right direction. I was a very competitive athlete up into my early twenties and am not afraid of hard work, at this stage I really just want to get the bell rolling and build a routine.
Thank you in advance. Christo

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What exercises are you planning on doing? I started with the SS program and got a 12, 16, 20, 24kg bells. I"m a bit older so I wanted smaller jumps that many around here. From there I added as needed. From that basic range you can then work on getting the motions correct and then start adding the kilos. At some point you may want to consider one of the adjustable bells. I have the 12-32kg competition on and love it, but it's not useful to change weights mid workout. I just it as a single weight and moves up over time.

You will also need to decide on cast or competition bells. I went competition because I liked all bells being the same size. Since I was bypassing gym membership I justified the additional cost. Your path may be different.

I highly recommend picking a plan. I used Pavel's SS but you can use most any. The plan then gives you a linear progression to follow so you can see your performance improving and your technique improving. Also consider a trainer if you need one to help you learn the movements.

I just reread your post to make sure I covered it correctly and I way over covered, sorry, hahahaha.

For the first month, get 16kg and see where it goes from there.


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+1 to @Anna C with 16 and 24.

If you can only buy one this month and another the next month, buy only the 16 and then the 24.

If you can only buy one, buy the 24.

Welcome to the forum and let us know how it goes!


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Greetings and Welcome!

IMHO Simple & Sinister is the foundation. Start there. Its program, principals and practice can support a lifetime of learning and building.

If you search this forum and SF articles, it will be a good-while before you've exhausted the supply.

As far as bell weight; a 16 will continue to be a useful tool long after your skill set advances. Start and build from there.

If this path speaks to you??? Consistency will always trump intensity! As a "re-committer," one loves to express his/her desire to "... bite the bullet and get something done yesterday." with an exuberance that has a difficult time sustaining itself. The difference between "in-shape" CJ79 and "out-of-shape" CJ79 isn't 1,2, or 3 kick a#@ workouts it's, whether CJ79, does "something" regularly over the next 3 months, 6 months, and beyond. We can help you with the "something," however you are responsible for putting your skin in the game!!!

Best of luck!


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Welcome, @CJ79 !

16kg and 24kg are the best ones to start. And order a copy of "Kettlebell Simple & Sinister" from the links here or elsewhere online.
Welcome, aboard CJ79!! AnnaC is one of the most knowledgeable and most practiced people on this forum. I can't agree more on her 16/24kg suggestion.


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Get a good quality 16k bell and get started right away with either S&S or the DMPM. Add heavier bells as needed, when needed. You might find a 12k (about 25lb) bell handy for some things, and they are easy to find at most sporting goods stores.

Good luck, and share your progress!
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