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Hi all,
I have got a question. I like the structure of "from simple to sinister" and I will start tomorrow. I normally do more swings during the week, so doing the program would mean cutting back. I'd rather add swings to end up with 100 more at the end of the week. That means adding 20 to 35 swings to the NL by days.
Would that be okay or does it crash the workout structure?
Advice welcome and thanks in advance:)
PS: Is there a thread where you introduce yourself? I do not want to be impolite and start asking without saying Hello:)

Harald Motz

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Hello gergirl,

adding reps (volume) to the schedule is…....not the program, which has the purpose to lead you to the sinister weight (goal), and building swing competence and volume.

I went through the program with 40kg twice one after the other after owning the simple goal in february and march this year, making use of my heart rate monitor. My heart rate was 140-150bpm mostly, climbed up almost to 165 on the test days ( 10r x 10s in 5min). To rest enough to be able to execute really powerful swings is imperative. The more sets you perform, the longer you need to rest, and the more your heart rate rises with ongoing sets. As mentioned before, fatigue accumulates, and you have to manage it. As described in simple and sinister shake your limbs and try to control your breath, especially the exhalation. By trying this you discover that resting can be harder than swinging. This is NOT a high intensity interval training program. This program (as I understand it) is an alactic/anaerobic + aerobic program, which means you try to avoid building up lactate (fatigue) and recover aerobically from the sets. There are some great threads on the forum and article section here. Especially Al Ciampa has one or two explanations on this topic, which definitely changed my viewing on healthy training. And you can trust Pavel (and me): this volume is enough. It adds up. Really.

And if you want to introduce yourself you can do this in this thread, if you like.



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Hi Harald (sounds german?!),
thanks a lot for your answer!
I do kb for about two years now, more or less with a structured schedule (rather less). But I did participate in kb classes with a RKC trainer.
I worked my way up to 12kg (TGU 10kg), and start using the 16kg kb these days.

I think I will do the program as it is said and see where it takes me, you are probably right. I also do indoor climbing (bouldering) one or two times a week, so I need to take care of my grip/hand/fingers/tendons.

I have read somewhere over here about the heart rate thing, but could not really find articles, which explain the approach in more detail. Perhaps someone could post a link?
:) g.


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You could certainly add more swings to the programme.

However for training nearly everyday I found it ideal as written - gradual increases in strength, no injury, no feeling burnt out. I would imagine it will combine brilliantly with any sport you are doing.

Combining it with HR monitoring and breath control and it really becomes a recharge not a work-out.


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GG, Harald is right—the listed volume will add up when it varies so much from day to day. But if you find it easy, in the future you can up the monthly volume and divide it between weeks using the same ratios (15%...).


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Thank you, Pavel, for stepping in!
I will do the workout as it is written first and if it gets "too easy", I will add reps as you described.
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