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Kettlebell Front Squat or Double Suitcase Deadlift


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I am planning an A+A / AGT training cycle. Overhead movements are contraindicated for my sad old shoulders, this rules out Snatch and Jerk which are a common prescription. I enjoyed a clean/front squat complex on my most recent cycle, so I am planning to continue using cleans and want to break the hinge and squat into separate days (not a complex anymore). Given that explosive movements are recommended for the first A in the A+A program, I was thinking back to a movement I enjoy but don't see mentioned much here - the double suitcase deadlift.

I feel like the double suitcase deadlift is similar to a front squat - form-wise - in that the feet should be fairly close together. But perhaps it can be done more explosively than a front squat which can feel very grindy. Any thoughts on using a double suitcase deadlift instead of a front squat for an A+A style workout?
You can definitely use those.

Pavel included Barbell deadlifts and other grinds for A+A in the "Best Exercises for A+A" email series. Those would work fine as long as the weight is adequate and you can remain "explosive" with an easy set up and parking of the weight (which double suitcase deadlifts would allow).
I think that ends up becoming an issue pretty quickly, at least for most average sized males.

Even with 2 x 32 kg, that's just not much load for a DL.
True. Unless you can somehow make it explosive enough similar to how Westside performs Dynamic Effort lifts for 8x3 with 50-60% 1RM. ‍♂️
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