Sold FS: DVD - Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches by Brett Jones and Mike Castrogiovanni

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I have _way_ too many things here that I will never get to watch all the way through. I will be posting some of them from time to time as I clean up my bookshelves.

Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers
Brett Jones and Michael Castrogiovanni
Presenters at the 2004 NSCA National Conference
Volume 1, Ballistics; Volume 2, Grinds. (Looks like this contains both volumes - that's what I assume.)

My copy is never opened, still shrink-wrapped. It must be 10 years old.

$15 shipped to anywhere in the lower 48 States via Priority/First_Class mail. Please PM me here if interested.

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