Gaining strength through neurological adaptation vs hypertrophy

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    I was being half-wisenheimer when I posted that, but do believe working on the muscles that keep the Glenohumeral joint very tight through a ROM lead to increased force production. I would be interested to see a comparison of Subscapular muscle thickness between male gymnast, bodybuilder, Crossfitter etc and see how it relates to load per bodyweight on a few untrained loaded movements.

    I honestly am not sure how to selectively or even preferentially train for this. When I began using my Hobo bundle it took over a month before I felt comfortable really pushing the loads as the amount of tension across my armpits felt almost extreme.

    I definitely feel more functionally strong from doing that type of lifting for a few, but I attributed it mostly to the core effect from training with loads outside my center of balance and added bicep static holding endurance.

    When I first read that study I wondered "how do you measure that muscle accurately?"
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    Do you alternate kettlebell swings with musical scales? :)
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