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Other/Mixed Gaining strength through neurological adaptation vs hypertrophy

Other strength modalities (e.g., Clubs), mixed strength modalities (e.g., combined kettlebell and barbell), other goals (flexibility)
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North Coast Miller

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The Rite of Passage is a good example of this, IMHO. It will put a little meat on your shoulders.


I was being half-wisenheimer when I posted that, but do believe working on the muscles that keep the Glenohumeral joint very tight through a ROM lead to increased force production. I would be interested to see a comparison of Subscapular muscle thickness between male gymnast, bodybuilder, Crossfitter etc and see how it relates to load per bodyweight on a few untrained loaded movements.

I honestly am not sure how to selectively or even preferentially train for this. When I began using my Hobo bundle it took over a month before I felt comfortable really pushing the loads as the amount of tension across my armpits felt almost extreme.

I definitely feel more functionally strong from doing that type of lifting for a few, but I attributed it mostly to the core effect from training with loads outside my center of balance and added bicep static holding endurance.

When I first read that study I wondered "how do you measure that muscle accurately?"


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I am currently teaching a husband and wife, both of whom are 86 years old - they both started with me about 2 years ago. They are both making steady progress after never having played an instrument before, and one is already playing things labelled "Intermediate" in piano books.

Do you alternate kettlebell swings with musical scales? :)
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