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Off-Topic Gave my neighbors some rings

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This is just a little sharing -

I gave my neighbors a pair of yellow Reehut gymnastics rings a couple of months ago

This was so that my 15 year old neighbor could GTG with chin ups. I put them right in front of the entrance to his room, in the garage.

Since then he and his 10 year old sister have been jumping up on the rings multiple times per day, swinging, pulling, flipping upside down, hanging, etc..

I took them down yesterday to use them, and the backlash from those children was sad, to say the least, so I gave them back rather quickly

My 15 year old neighbor is starting to get the "chin up" body.. wiry, slim, but you can tell his lats and arms have been working out daily.

Pretty cool stuff. Giving away a simple piece of equipment to someone who will actually use it is a gratifying experience..

by the way, I taught both those kids how to do chins the right way, all the way down, then chin up above the rings.. this was humbling for them'

yesterday I saw Gracie (the little girl) knock out one of the cleanest chins I've ever seen! she even kept her chin above the bar for a few seconds to show control

the man who introduced me to working out when I was about 10 will always be in my memory. feels good to pass on the GIFT of strength to children
Yeah, just buy another set of rings. I have two and use them both - one set high enough for pullups, skin the cats, and the like, and the other lower for dips.


saw my neighbor knock out 5 clean chin ups on the rings today. he told me that was as many as he could do in one set

I told him that he should try to do 2 or 3 each time he jumps up on the rings

I also told him to work up to where he could do 10 chin ups (supinated) in a row before he moving on to training with and overhand grip (pull ups)

he told me that Gracie (his sister) doesn't do them right. made me laugh. i don't think he will ever do a half-chin up again
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