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Kettlebell Get ups for legs

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Simply strong

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How much would you say get ups work the legs?

If someone trained only get ups would you expect their max squat to go up?

Also a technique question; how much weight should go through the back leg during in the transition between having your hand on the floor and just before the lunge up?
Probably not.
If you want to improve your squat you have to squat. Your squat pattern might be improved due to better whole body linkage (which will be improved a lot by get ups) but don't expect improvements.
Generally speaking it is rather hard to achieve huge carryover from kettlebell lifts and/or bodyweight leg exercises to barbbell leg exercises. The two best options here are double kettlebell front squats and heavy swings in terms of transfer to bb squat and bb deadlifts.
(On the other hand: kettlebell overhead presses and upper body exercises like muscle ups, handstand pushups, one arm pushups, levers, etc. have a huge carryover to bb bench press and military presses).
The get up (and swings) does have a leg component due to the lunge (hip hinge) and if done regularly it probably takes care of most "leg issues" if you don't have any specific goal in that regard.

Concerning your second question: there is not set rule for that. If in doubt err on the side of safety/stability.
You are not supposes to do an airbourne lunge here so keep as much weighg on the back leg as necessary to provide a smooth, safe movement.
Agree with @watchnerd . I think of the TGU as being about plugging holes in your strength - developing the ability to generate and maintain tension, challenging your body at angles that it doesn't often get attacked from. I love the moment, but I don't think it will really build limit strength.

I doubt anybody has ever said "I can get to the tall kneeling position no problem, then just can't get the lunge up!" It's just not enough weight to stress the limits of the leg for average folks.
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