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Barbell Getting close!

Jeff Roark

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@Jeff Roark

What kind if programming are you doing? Once per week? Multiple times per week? Any assistance lifts? Just curious.

You have 405 in you.


For most of the year my training has been sort of a JP Sanchez Powerlifting routine setup. I had been rotating 4 lifts over a months time period up until about 2 months ago when I started narrowing my focus on the Front Squat. I returned to the way I was taught to train and that was to work up to a decently heavy single followed by back off sets. This posed a problem for me on Front Squats when it came to the rep sets. I have a bizarre collar bone and if the bar rolled on it it felt like someone had drove a spike through my head from bottom to top. I bought the FS harness and it completely cured my issue of not being able to get rep work in, and I know that is something that is critical for me. My body seems to thrive off singles and sets in the 6-15 rep range.

As far as frequency was concerned, I just got it when I could get it in. Really no set days, but most of the time it was a week or more between sessions. Yes, I did assistance work that targeted my week areas, lower back and hamstrings. SGRDL, Back Raises, Jim Seitzer Style Reverse Hypers, knee ups and leg raises were my exercises of choice over the last little bit.

Hope this helps and any other questions feel free to ask.

william bad butt

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Beast mode initiated... Damn!

Congrats! You made the lift look easy. But I know that is deceiving, especially after watching you recover afterwards.

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