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I'm just curious at what time do you wake up? Is it 4:00am, 5am or 9am? What do you think about it? For instance, today I woke up at 4:00, drunk a coffee and went to work where I was at 6am. I switched clothes and went run. I finished at 7am and now I feel completed, like one of my today's goals was achieved. Moreover, here is an interesting link I've found
If some of you have some thoughts pleas let me know about it.

Let the Strength assists you all day :)


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At the moment I typically wake up every day between 6 and 7. I like that it's consistent, which helps sleep, but I don't like that there aren't really any breaks ever.

In the past the schedule has changed a lot, especially when I worked in shifts.


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Currently 4am monday (long commute to work and I stay in a motel mon to Friday) Tuesday 5am so I can workout in the morning. Saturday and sunday between 6 and 7.
I am debating on commuting every day which would mean getting up at 330am to workout and getting home around 7 to 730pm after work and driving. I don't know?


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4am m-f; 5:30 weekends. weekdays - vivarin pill - shave while it's percolating - then workout. weekends a more leisurely coffee or two. huge fan of getting after it early and getting it done - esp during the week.

agree with jocko on the external influences chipping away - but also i find my mind is way more uncluttered at that time - i don't like carrying mental baggage into a workout. at that time of the day there's no gear change involved (work head to workout head) it's just - boom - right into it.

also, on non-lift days, really enjoy running with absolutely zero cars or other runners on the road.


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I have two kids, so there are days where to wake up at 0430 might nowhere near impossible. Though, I thought, if I wake up so early no matter what, I will develop my self confidence as well as I will have time to exercise and/or learn.

Geoff Chafe

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Up at 3am, leave the house by 4am, to be at work for 5am. If I am on night shift I get off at 5:30am, home about 6:30am, and get up 1:30-2:30pm. Last time I did nights I stayed up until about 12pm, so my wife could go to bed and I stay up with the babies, and woke 6pm. Night shift sucks. Getting up at 3am is a grind toward the end of the week or especially if you work a few weeks straight. Avoiding traffic is nice on both shifts though.

the hansenator

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Lot of early risers here. I'm up at 5:45 and at work at 7:00. On weekends I usually get up at 8:00, I guess I'm not a morning person.


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So 330am start then 1h 30m to 1h 45m commute then 10hr shift commute back is doable if you have the drive and willpower. Here i go.

Anna C

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4 am weekdays, 6 am weekends. Most of my strength training starts a little after 6 am on the 4 am wake-up days.


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It seems like most of you wake up early :) I think I'll engaged myself in this and try to develop a habit of wake up between 0400 and 0430.
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I'm between 0630-0700 most days. Start work at 9. I love Jocko, his podcast, his message, but recovery is so important. Need your sleep. I do baseball, bjj many nights and often home at 10. Need those 8 hours. I find I'm so productive before work anyway that I don't need to be up earlier.

Love the idea, be productive in the am, but be smart


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The lack of sleep may lead to an injury, I agree with that. By the way, I found Jacko few days ago and I really like his podcasts.

Sean M

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Wow, lots of early risers here!

I wake up by 6 for a 7:30-4:30 work schedule. I train in the evening.

Now that it's lighter earlier in the day, I'm going to pull my rise time earlier to like 5 to get a nice quiet time before the day begins. Even waking at 6 I'm busy getting out and to work (35 min commute).


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I get up 5 to 5:30 am. I start my training at 6am and at work by 8. I like waking up early because I don't like the morning rush. I stretch, grab a coffee, check on what's new and I sort of ease myself into the day.


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Got into the habit of waking up at 6:30am. 45-60min run, showering and then at around 8am off to whatever is scheduled for the day (part-time job, university or learning)
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