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Harry Westgate

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Just a quick update on my part...

I've just finished my 4th week at my new job. I basically alternate between early weeks (8am-4pm) and late weeks (12pm-8pm). I currently set my alarm on early weeks for 5am, which was tough at first but I quite like it now - get up early and attack the day. On the late weeks i set it for 8am (this gives me an extra hour before work on late shifts but I'd rather err on the early side now).

In the case of early weeks, the morning routine goes:
-1st waking hour: S&S, shower and protein rich breakfast.
-2nd waking hour: Coffee, beautification (my wannabe Patrick Bateman way of saying shaving, skin care (meterosexual? Yeah, well deal with it), get dressed, look smart, etc.) leave the house.
-3rd waking hour: commute and get to the office.

On late weeks it's basically the same but more spread out over 4 hours, which gives me time to do odd jobs at home, maybe catch up more on the news, etc.

With today being Saturday (I'm not at work today), I didn't set an alarm last night because I was curious what time I would wake up fully rested (granted I was in bed at some point around 10, maybe a tad earlier)...

I woke up at 6:30am!

I'd have never seen that happening a month ago, but it feels good to have more of an early bird schedule now. I get to see more daylight hours!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not disrespecting the night owls out there, seeing as I was one a month or so back (and it seemed the only one on the Forum :( ), since it does very much depend on lifestyle, when your working hours are, what time you go to bed, etc. But all the same, being up before 7am with no alarm feels so surreal to me right now!

Just thought I'd share my transition from a night owl waiter who slept until past noon to an early bird victim care coordinator who can wake up at 6:30am fully rested with no alarm.

Rest well friends :)
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Steve Freides

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@Harry Westgate, I was never a morning person until I became a regular runner and realized it was cooler to run in the mornings in the summer. I've been an early riser ever since, even though I have been a regular runner for a decade or longer. Carpe Diem.

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