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Discussion in 'Kettlebell' started by Shawn Crespi, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Shawn Crespi

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    I would be grateful if you would critique my getup. I know the video angle is less than ideal, but hard to get a good one in a small space like this.

  2. Anna C

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    Looks good, @Shawn Crespi !

    Your positions and movements are all correct except one minor one and one I can't tell for sure:

    1) Separate the "roll to your back" and "press kettlebell up" into two movements. Currently you've got those two things merged together, which is less safe and less strong on the floor press. Also, this applies both on the way up, and on the way down. On the way down, lower the kettlebell with a vertical forearm, then roll to your side.

    2) Do you have the back toe curled under (active toe) when you go from kneeling to standing? I can't tell, but it should be. Use both legs to stand. You can adjust the front foot if you need to; just get in the strongest lunge position to stand up. Tighten the abs too, it helps.

    Generally your alignment looks good and strong, and your shoulders are packed. Just continue to work on staying tight, and moving slow and controlled.

    The straight leg coming up on the initial roll-up isn't a fault, but you should work to avoid it. Some people like to press out through the heel. @Steve Freides likes to keep it relaxed. Generally it's a weight shift problem that your body will figure out if you practice. To give that one movement some additional practice, do some reps of just the roll-up, back down from elbow, roll-up, back down, roll-up, back down... etc. You'll fine tune it and see what works best. You can do this weighted or unweighted. Martine Kerr's cue is to push off the heel of the bent leg and the elbow of the straight arm, pretending there's an orange under each and squish down to make orange juice. This leverage can help direct the movement.
  3. Shawn Crespi

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    You’re the best, Anna. I’m going to review these things tomorrow morning.
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  4. Shawn Crespi

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    Thanks again, Anna! Pushing through my heel on passive leg when rolling up to elbow helped to minimize how much the leg came up, which was very little. Will have to practice this movement to get it to zero lift.

    And yes, my toes are tucked under when I go from lunge to standing.
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