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Video of the skills/movement practice. Video lasts 7:35

Heres time references
0:00 - 0:20 last of my warm up
0:20 - 0:46 getting cups
0:47 - 1:00 potato sack squat
1:00 - 1:25 n/a
1:26 - 1:57 goblet squats
1:58 - 2:22 hinge pattern
2:23 - 2:43 - good morning
2:44 - 5:00 TGU (to elbow)
5:01 - 5:46 OH Squat
5:55 - 6:27 squat press
6:28 - 6:45 fast and loose
6:46 - 7:35 rowing
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Video doesn't seem to work for me, despite working on YouTube. let me know if you want to view but can't.
It seems to be the only video on YouTube called Lifting Plastic Cups.

Sorry it's rough and not edited, I can't edit sufficiently using the apps on my mobile so the majority of the video is me dropping them / getting them balanced / pulling faces .
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Cool video!
I like a 1/4 filled water bottle because air resistance doesn't knock it over; it was interesting to see how easily displaced the cups became while you were still balanced.


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DMPM warm up (Unloaded)

PU 1-2-3-4 (10)

With 20kg
Row 1/1 - 2/2 - 3/3 *2
2 Clean + 1 OHP L/R *6 (24 clean 12 press)
Cook Carry sequence

H2O FSQ 1-2-3-4 *2



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Session with JB SFG.
working on clean technique, and did my first doubles work.
Great session.

Pulled my groin on Saturday while playing with my daughter.
Sleep hygiene low currently.


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My wife & I joined a weight loss group called Slimming World. It uses a calorie control it calls Food Optimisation, which means eating >1/3 fruit or veg, then lean protein based food, then <5% intake of anything you want (carbs are kind of neutral, as long as they are not too high in calories)
I believe that any diet works as long as one follows it, and this is the one the Mrs wanted to do.
It benefits from group sessions, which, I believe community support (of any meaningful kind) is important in achieving one's goals.

It also encourages one to exercise and log these.
My reading into the NWCR tells me that reducing screen time is very important, and I began tracking my phone usage and was shocked at how much I over consume.

Based on the above, and now I have another way to track my training, I'm considering visiting the S1 forum less.
I might try logging my sessions via Slimming World for a week or two and then I can compare.

If I end up sticking with this approach I'd like to come back to this log to record any particular achievements I make along my journey.

Still considering at the moment, but I think a weeks trial is a sensible approach.
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