Good results with percussion massager gun?

David C

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Has anyone here had good results with a percussion massager gun for knots, trigger points, and recovery? Which kind do you recommend (theragun, timtam, hypervolt etc)? Any advice would be appreciated!


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I have one from TimTam and it is fantastic. I recommend it if you like deep tissue massage. I find 5 minutes with it is more effective for the major muscle groups than 20 minutes of a roller (Grid, rad roller, etc.) or lacrosse balls.

It is definitely a luxury item but a worthy investment.

The only downside I find is that it is a bit noisy but I believe the newest TimTam model is quieter.


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I highly recommend them. It's a good tool to build mind to individual muscle connection, and learn to relax tight muscles. I got a $100 knockoff and a $300 hypervolt. Kept the hypervolt.

Mike Torres

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I have two Theraguns (G2 and G3) and a Hypervolt. My go-to at this point is the Theragun G3 Pro as it’s more powerful than the original Hypervolt. I’m a fan of both but would recommend getting the Hypervolt Pro if you go that route, as you’ll likely want the extra power.


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I was once a licensed massage therapist and already owned quite a few massage guns. The bob and brad is pro the best (and a fraction of the cost). I've had the theragun, hypervolt, kraft, etc. I held off on buying these when they first became a thing because I didn't think it was that useful and boy was I wrong. The percussive therapy increases blood flow to the area, improves range of motion, gets rid of lactic acid build up in the site, and essentially aids in overriding pain signals to the brain.

Anna C

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Wow, that's weird that this thread got bumped. I just ordered a Hypervolt this week after experiencing how amazing it was a physical therapy last week. Good to see some recommendations for it here.


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We have one but I've barely used it. I have been a big fan of Graston / Scraping, but maybe I should give it another shot.


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I have the cheapest one. The cheap ones are likely all the same. Don't know how much different the more expensive ones are.

I really like it. It doesn't do wonders but works well. It's especially good on bench press muscles, easy to use on your own and they're not too thick.


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My wife absolutely loves the Kraftgun products and bought two. She keeps one at her office. I am usually not impressed with massage products as nothing beats the hands of a pro, but I have to say that these are both very good. They are not cheap though, I think one was $450 and the other around $400.


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I bought one from Urikar. Costs me $140. I like its rotatable handle, which helps me relieve pain in back. Till now I think it's great, although not perfect.
I like how Theragun looks, but maybe a little bit too expensive for me. Considering to buy one.
from what I can see, the more expensive products are perhaps the better route to go as apposed to the cheaper knock-offs?!
$400 seems steep but I suppose it could be worth it...


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I've got a Bob and Brad one - awesome for work on the calves which can be annoying to foam roll


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I have one that cost ~$100. It still works great! It’s much easier to get rid of any random knots. On Sundays I’ll even give myself a full-body massage with it and it acts almost as a reset from my last week of training to my the next one.
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