Got asked to confirm my password... wasn't sure if it was kosher

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After I reset my sign-in password, the next time I visited the site a wordpress page filled the window and asked me to confirm my password for the blog. It said I could ask here about it, but it wouldn't let me get here until I entered in information. I'm guessing I have an associated blog with my account (which I don't know how to access), or I just got my password stolen.

(I am also realizing I should've first given it some BS password to see what happened, but, the past is past.)

Anyway, anyone with some info would relieve my suspicious heart.

Thanks for your time,

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Hey all, in case anyone was wondering the same thing and stumbled across this post, it's all good. You have a wordpress account to comment on the blog posts on the main site, so they link that to your forum account so you don't need to constantly re-sign-in if you're switching between the two.

Thanks again to the SF team for quickly, kindly, and professionally clearing up my confusion!
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