Greasing the groove successes and thanks!


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Hello all,

Reached a big personal milestone (for me, I appreciate for some of the very strong ladies and gentlemen on here it won't seem as such) yesterday of a clean(ish) a#@ to grass pistol squat with a 20kg kettlebell in the rack position, something I have had as a medium term goal for a while.

This was achieved without every coming anywhere near failure and never once feeling 'the burn' during my pistol squat training. (which I have to admit I was sceptical about the efficacy of, as I'm sure many first time readers are who are used to the 'train to failure or go home' mindset)

So just wanted to say thanks first of all to Pavel for the excellent Naked Warrior, who's principles I applied to my training, and secondly to the entire community on here for keeping me inspired/motivated to train!

Onwards and upwards now with my training,

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