greens food supps legit?

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Been a lot of hype with the"super greens" supplements anyone have experience with this or just another mystery concoction with no fda regulations?


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In the absence of being able to get hold of a bag of spinach, a bunch of broccoli and/or some Brussel sprouts, kale or green stuff of choice then maybe it would be better than none at all but then again you could go the your local joke shop and buy a tin of ^*#% powder.
Needless to say, I've never tried them, so really must remain objective and open minded to the possibility that they may work as advertised. But, they are a supplement, a supplement to your diet and nutrition, so if missing out on something then give them a blast. But super green supplement v real green food? The latter.


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My wife's grandfather literally survived the last thirty plus years of his life living off nothing but cheese sandwiches, cheesy puff crisps (or chips as they're known in the states), sweet biscuits, cakes and cups of tea. I'm not exaggerating or joking.

He lived until he was 83 and had no issues related to his poor diet or lack of greens or vegetables and such. He did take supplementary multi-vitamins however.

He also worked on the roads for decades and was still strong as an ox a few years before he died and he was a small man with a small build. I remember trying to pull up a young holly tree that had self-seeded in his back garden and I was struggling with it. He came over and pulled it out as if it was daisy.

Just something to ponder about in this world of "eat this, don't eat that" which seems to be in a constant state of flux.
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I second what Statia is saying. I've been in the construction field since the day I could work and I've seen it all. Guys who's only nutrition is booze and cigarettes, fast food, etc. Some of these guys were typical fat slobs, but some had physiques that were better than mine. It literally blows my mind. Albeit most couldn't keep up with me at my pace the whole day, but still here I was eating way healthier, working out, and trying to take care of myself.


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My grandfather smoked 2 packs a day for 40 years and worked in mills his whole life breathing in who knows what. He also fried his eggs in bacon grease daily.

Lived to 97 in good health. Only hearing and vision loss as he got old. Never drank though.


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A lot of people are like this too,its hard to know what to day eggs are good for you,then next week they say not to eat em .


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I have no issues eating many eggs each week. I watched a video of Dr Eric Westman instructing on very low carb diet (keto) to lose weight. He explained that chicken eggs contain everything that's required to start life, so how could they be anything other than nutritionally beneficial to us?! Makes sense to me. I could also probably dig out a video of a Dr telling us that we shouldn't eat too many eggs because they're bad for us. There's always a contrary argument when it comes to fitness and nutrition.

Eggs are a natural, real food. So I eat 'em.

There's too much nannying of how and what we eat now. I removed processed food from my diet (mostly) and replaced it with real foods, simple easy meals, cooked from scratch. If everyone could change up their diet to real food, paleo-centric diet, we'd all be healthier. The trouble is, there's too much money in processed, sugar intense, low-fat, pre-packaged convenience foods for it to go back to how it was when I was a kid and where my mother cooked everything from base ingredients. If it wasn't for advertising and media, we would probably walk straight past the crappy foods in the supermarkets as we'd have no clue what they were. Can't beat the nutrition and taste of a nice piece of red meat, some veg and a glass of red wine.

Turn the TV off, burn the newspaper, get off facebook and go outside.

Have a great day!



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Some people with great genetics have the ability to "cheat" more than others in terms of the fuel their bodies consume. They would likely still be better off eating healthier. Others of us are not as lucky and cannot use the good genetics of others to justify our poor dietary habits.


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@rickyw agreed. Such inconsistency is currently explained by modern studies on genetics and epigenetics (I learnt of it from Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan). Some people with great genetic wealth (much like physical wealth, thanks to their forefathers), can afford to squander it, abusing it, wasting it. However their progeny is passed on poor genetics, and they suffer the consequences; how sad is that?. We are able to influence our genetics, by turning on or off the genes via the nutrition, diet and lifestyle we choose. If we think from that perspective, we have great responsibility in making the choices that we make that affect subsequent generations.

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It does seem that some people can abuse themselves their whole life and they seem to be fine. Other people can do everything right and still have problems. I think of it as you can't help the cards you're dealt, just how you play them.

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There is more at work here than just how much garbage one can tolerate. I see it in my two sons - one loves to eat, takes comfort from food, and has to mind his weight; the other certainly enjoys food, but if you offer him something to eat and he's not hungry, he says no, and he'll leave food on his plate if he's full, and just generally has a different relationship with food. What they like and choose to eat, however, is quite similar.



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As far as the supplements go, John Berardi has been using Greens+ for the past decade. The Canadian brand, not the American. Evidently the company subjects their products to independent testing. If you follow him at all, you know he clearly takes it in addition to getting a few servings of veggies in with every meal and not as a replacement.
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