Grip, abs and glutes are neural generators?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Johnnyy, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. Johnnyy

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    Hey all,

    Trying to find any article, study, research supporting the statement that “grip, abs and glutes are great neural generators.”

    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance
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  2. Bauer

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    Grip is fairly easy, at least bast on neural representation. Google homunculus or neural map.

    Personally I feel that the irradiation experiments from NW and PTTP are enough evidence. But I would be interested in other sources as well :)
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  3. Kyle Kowalczuk

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    I haven't heard the glutes and abs referred to as neural generators. They are however global movers and stabilizers. The grip is definitely a measure of neural energy. Before Whoop, Heart Rate Variability, and things such as this the old school lifters used to choose how hard to train based on a dynamometer test in the morning. Grip strength has also been a measure of mortality.
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  4. Tirofijo

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    Yes, but in this studies, as I understand it, grip strength was just a stand in for general strength, since grip strength is an indication of a person's overall strength.

    If researchers had measured, say, the OHP, they would have found a correlation between one arm KB press and lifespan. Specifically working to build up grip strength isn't going to increase your life expectancy.

    At least that was my take on those studies.
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  5. offwidth

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    Dang it.... there goes that plan...:)
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  6. Steve Freides

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    I might look in Power To The People! or Enter The Kettlebell for references, but that said, this is pretty widely acknowledged stuff. We prove it with a room full of people every time we have a cert and put them through drills.

    Grip, yes; abs, yes; glutes - they are our largest muscles but I don't think they have the irradiation effect that grips and abs do.

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  7. Bauer

    Bauer More than 500 posts

    Put another way: When you stronlgy contract a muscle you will generally also increase the output in other muscles.

    However, "squeeze your calves and your QL" is not as easy to do as, say, "grip your toes and pinch your butt cheeks". I think irradiation is eaesier with bigger muscles that underly more voluntary control. Hands, abs and glutes. Lats (and maybe toes) are probably contenders, too. I think it is not by accident that all of those are "phasic muscles" in Janda's system: Postural and Phasic Muscles | Article | PTontheNet

    Strong glutes and abs will provide a strong foundation for moving the extremeties above or below. Glutes stabilize the pelvis, abs the spine, lats the shoulders, grip the elbows and shoulders.
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  8. Tiger

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    All that hangboarding...for naught!
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  9. Tiger

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    Try: Stand in front of the mirror. Squeeze your glutes. Squeeze harder. Add your abs and feel how you have something to squeeze your glutes against, thus you can squeeze the glutes harder. Continue squeezing harder, and observe the irradiation expand outward, lats, pecs, hamstrings. Look closely in the mirror at your bright, red, glistening, shaking face...and laugh.
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  10. WhatWouldHulkDo

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    Depends on how frequently you find yourself hanging from something 50 ft above the ground, or catching alligators by the tail. :D
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  11. Johnnyy

    Johnnyy Still New to StrongFirst Forum Certified Instructor

    Thanks all for your replies!! And yes definitely with practice and experience it's very obvious the irradiation effect. Plus PTTP and ETK is where i learned all about it. However i'm dealing with Anti-Pavel people and they asked for other references/studies!
    I guess i'll just have to say that a bumble bee shouldn't fly yet it does, so go test irradiation and let us know if it works...
    If you come across any studies in the future please keep me in mind.
    Again, thanks a mill to you all.
  12. Johnnyy

    Johnnyy Still New to StrongFirst Forum Certified Instructor

    Thanks for the link!!! I'll read it shortly.

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