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Discussion in 'Bodyweight' started by workout union, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. workout union

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    Hey there,
    I will left here a video of the exercises that I normaly do for grip strenght, but I was hoping for some different exercises that you use or have seen, that aren't in the video. Anyone?

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  2. North Coast Miller

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    I've gotten good results doing double stick drills with short lengths of black pipe.

    Doing my cantilever load exercises (link below) really pounded my grip in ways it hasn't seen before - actually had to switch to a smaller diameter pole after a few, as grip had become a limiting factor and I could feel some old tendonitis acting up.

    Even with a smaller diameter pole the grip gets a serious workout same time as the rest, and from a variety of angles.

    Kettlebell Hobo Bundle

    Kettlebell Hobo Bundle

    The loaded dowel & cord is a classic!
  3. More than 500 posts

    Different Kind of Grip Strength

    Below is information on the...

    The 3 Types of Grip and the 8 Ways to Train Them

    Types of Grip Training and When to Use Them
    Grip training goes well beyond squeezing grippers or stress balls. After all, there’s more than one kind of grip strength:
    • The Crush Grip is the grip between your fingers and your palm—the one you use for shaking hands and crumpling beer cans.
    • The Pinch Grip is the grip between your fingers and your thumb. This can be further subcategorized into individual fingers + thumb grip.
    • The Support Grip is the ability to maintain a hold on something for a while—think pull ups or long and productive shopping trips.
    The type of grip training you do depends completely on its applicability to what you want to accomplish.

    Kenny Croxdale
  4. workout union

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    Great exercises and advice! Thanks for adding something new! I have to try!
  5. workout union

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    Yes! Good post! I use some of those sometimes, but don't have much equipment :)
  6. the hansenator

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    I like the Thor's Hammer exercise. Not sure if it actually improves performance in anything but I had a pain in my left wrist that went away when I started doing it.
  7. Ryan Jandrey

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    The wrist roller is a lot more effective if it can be mounted to something so you don't have to hold it out in front of you. A few years back I made one from a length of 2" black piped that could be slid over the safety pins in a squat rack at about chest height. It allows a lot of weight to be used (I worked up to around 200lbs) and you can get an unbelievable pump. One of the things that really increased my grip strength in a hurry was plate pinching. I used two 45 pound plates with the smooth sides out and then slid a pipe through them that I was able to attach load with extra weight. I trained with it 2 or 3 times a week and my hands got strong in a hurry. Around the same time I also welded up a pinch lever block for doing wrist curls and using it combined with the plate pinches got me to where I could rip thick phone books and tear decks of playing cards in half without even specifically training for it. Just typing this out makes me want to get back into that type of grip and wrist training. It's very addicting!
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  8. Geoff Chafe

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    @Ryan Jandrey Agreed. A rack mounted Wrist Roller is a great tool. A lot of bang for buck. I also have a 2” Rack Wrist Roller I made. 200lb is a feat for sure.

    Two Hand Pinch and Axel, Thick Dumbbell, or Rolling Handle are core grip training exercises. Good advice. I would also add Gripper Crushing.

    I have done a similar grip program as you a few times a week with awesome results. I should get back into it. I have not tried Grip ina while, but my hands are smaller. I lost much of my thumb and pinky pads.

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