gtg pullups on a thicker bar


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in an effort to be more active at work, im fortunate enough to work near a soccer field and was thinking of doing some GTG pullups on the goal posts.

the goal posts are thicker than a regular pullup bar, so i can't make a full closed grip on the bar, however about 80% of my hand can grab the bar.

I'd like to start with the 5RM GTG pullup training and see how far I get in a month.

Any risk of getting injured, or training incorrectly with the thicker bar? My goal is to be able to do more than 10 pullups with is my max, with the limited tools available to me (no bar at home, no gym membership)


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Actually... an open handed grip (at least from a rock climbing perspective) is preferable. It provides way less stress on the fingers, and will develop some wicked returns in overall grip strength.

I used to do pull-ups on a 6" PVC pipe..... good days those...


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It depends on which holds or bar I do the pull ups.
If I have climbed before doing the pull ups I prefer a thinner bar and a "normal" grip. Igf I am fresh I do the pull ups on climbing holds, e.g. slopers.
I like variety and pick the holds/bar which allow me to do them with good form (which might be the most important point?!).


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open mixed grip pullups (I think some people call them commando pullups) are awesome stuff! I do those in the playground when I bring the kids.


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You will probably develope more grip strength. So, nothing to complain about ;)
Just be sure the goal posts are sturdy and stable (but that´s got nothing to do with pullups per se).
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