Hack squat machine and bands

Timo Keskitalo

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I used to be pretty minimalistic about training, but I've given in to "bodybuilding" again thanks to WSBB. This year I have done Hack squat machine a lot. I think it's a quite common model, maybe David.

The reason is that I think that I have weak quads. Due to the move, weights are very moderate etc. Today I had to / had the privilege to try a setup a friend uses because of achy knees. Put a big band in the mix to help in bottom position.

The band helps quite a bit in the bottom part of Hack squat. I was surprised to go that high today. It also brought the sticking point upto around the same leg angle as in squat. Would this be helpful, given the fact that I try to improve squat? Or would it be more useful to have the quite different stimulus?

Anyway I have done it so long that I should stop, or maybe take a short while with the new variant. I'm a bit disappointed that I don't have any signs of improvement in squat or front squat. I've had some unusual stressor popping once and a while that may affect.


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Well, it would likely be prudent to do both variations in cycles of their own. Concentrate on the one that has more carryover to what you need.
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